Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Weeks five to eight

Starting at week 5 it was game time. Baby was the size of a apple seed! I needed to make an appointment to find a Maternity Doctor or Midwife. I ended up choosing a Maternity Doctor and made an appointment for 6 weeks. I started to take prenatal vitamins a day after I found out because I am a worry wart! 

By week 6 baby had grown to be the size of a pea! I was getting more symptoms including, morning sickness, metallic taste in my mouth and I ended up coming down with the worst cold I've actually ever had! I tried everything I could to help my sinuses and even bought a neti pot and would use it 3 times a day. It was AWFUL.

Week 7 was very uneventful I was just having morning sickness and was very very tired. I would go to work and come home and sleep. I felt like a child myself! Silver our Mainecoon kitty has been snuggling up to me more. Especially in my pelvis area. I had a feeling she knew. Now she is always stuck by my side and when I go to sleep she's always at my side sleeping. Keeping guard!

Week 8 I could hear the heartbeat on a home fetal doppler. I first heard it at the doctors office and I was a little sad Spencer wasn't with me to hear little ones heart flutter. So I found a used doppler on Varagesale a local virtual app to swap and shop. Best $20 I spent!
Symptoms while Week 8 was lots and lots of bloating, belching and gas let's just be real.  I was also vomiting more this week and the thought and smell of chicken made me feel soo sick. This is when it all began! All the aversions. Chicken, garlic, cheese except cheddar cheese.

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