Saturday, 29 April 2017

Let's talk cravings & aversions!

 My cravings during this pregnancy have been normal to completely weird! 

At the beginning I was craving a lot of beef dishes since I was turned off chicken 100%. Chicken was my main source of protein until the nausea hit and even the thought of it would make me feel so sick! I would want meatloaf, tacos, burritos, burgers and lemonade. I went through a small lemonade phase but that ended quickly. The next craving I had was pretty cliche. Pickles. I would eat 4-5 in one sitting... I couldn't help it!

Another interesting thing I noted was that I was actually craving pasta, noodles, bland foods and most of all cereal. I still have this craving pretty bad. The downfall of this craving is I was wanting Mr.Noodles and KD just like when I was a kid. I mean quick & easy... but not very healthy!

My aversions started to get weirder and weirder as the weeks pass.. Like I said above chicken was a huge one on my aversions list.. However prior to becoming pregnant I would eat plant based as much as I could with chicken as my protein and now I have a hard time even eating vegetables unless its a caesar salad but I hardly count that as a vegetable! iceberg lettuce has barley any nutrition!

I stopped at Whole Foods the other day and picked up a couple of these Well Cold Pressed Juices to kind of kick start my veggie tastebuds again. Let me tell you, the greens juice is SO good! I loved it! It tastes as if I juiced it that morning and myself! 

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