Friday, 21 April 2017

Weeks nine to eleven

 Week 9
I got up really early to start drinking 32 oz of water for the ultrasound and I was called 45 mins prior to the appointment and the ultrasound tech sadly was sick so we needed to reschedule. I was pretty upset because I had been forcing myself to drink the water and to the point my stomach was saying NOPE and I would have to start over and over because I couldn't keep the water down. Thankfully I was able to reschedule the following Monday so it was like 4 days away!
Monday couldn't come quick enough. I got up even earlier to start drinking the water and I ended up only throwing up once. WOOO! This was probably the most surreal moment when we went into the ultrasound room & the tech slapped on some warm jelly on my belly & our little one was shown! At this point I didn't really feel pregnant besides not being able to keep the water down and symptoms.  I couldn't stop smiling at the monitor. This is when little bean was a bean 9 weeks 4 days! 1 inch & twitching it's arms & feet. Heart rate at 167BPM                                              

This was one of such a beautiful moment. My spouse Spencer was waiting for me to come out of the washroom afterwards & he was just smiling ear to ear looking at the roll of sonogram photos. He was in awe. It was the cutest most genuine moment I had seen. It made me want to cry!

Week 10 was pretty uneventful apart from a little scare as I was spotting dark red. I called the emergency maternity doctor and she calmed me and said if it doesn't ease off to go to the hospital. I got off the phone and I had a good cry. I was so scared & sad. Spencer was really cute and asked to put his head on my belly to try and hear the heartbeat (He knew he wouldn't be able to but knew it would cheer me up.) We got the doppler out and heard babys heart beat right away and that was a instant relief.
Week 11
Acid reflux is REAL! Holy moly. This week was a little rough because not only did I have acid reflux... I also still had morning sickness! I was tired and had to mentally prepare myself to go away for Easter Weekend and try and hide my symptoms! We hadn't told Spencer's father yet and we went away to a cabin in Port Renfrew. Over all it went really well! I even managed to sneak my Snoogle into our room without anyone noticing! Separate blog post on the Snoogle.. It's AMAZING.

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