Monday, 1 May 2017

It's about that Thyme!

 Little Thyme Maternity clothing haul. I picked up some essentials and I'am OBSESSED with the maternity jeans! I picked up a couple of black two way maternity tanks as well because I normally always wear a black tank under any shirt but they weren't covering my belly anymore! Back to the jeans for a quick second though! I've never felt more comfortable wearing jeans weirdly enough. I haven't worn jeans in years because of weight gain & I was angry at the size which I should have never listened to! I gained weight in 2015 after my mums passing away and in 2016 I lost the weight but never bothered to purchase new jeans. Until these beauties!! I could careless about what the label says anymore as long as I'm comfortable & healthy!

The dress is from Thymes Summer Collection I will link you to it hereI loved how comfortable it made me feel and the colors are perfect as I am very much into neutrals and blues. The two shirts are also from the new summer collection and what I loved about these and being my first two cute maternity shirts is the length! I was showing my spouse and he thought they were dresses but I had to explain I will grow into them and they will cover bump and the top of my maternity jeans perfectly. You can find both tops here & here
What you don't see in the photo is the amazing maternity bras! So comfy and supportive. I think I will be coming back for more shirts & bras in the near future and I can't wait now for the Fall Collections.. I have a feel Thyme will be taking a full pay cheque from me very soon..

I would also like any new moms out there or moms to be Thyme has a #BeautifulAsLife contest going on until May 7th you can enter by hashtagging Beautiful As Life on Instagram on your beautiful moment or upload right to the site here. They have an AMAZING prize pack and 15 smaller prizes to runner ups!

Good Luck!
- T xo.


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