Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Seventeen Weeks

+ Grab a snack & tea or coffee, this is a long post! +

"Baby’s senses are developing fast, and his/her brain is beginning to coordinate with his/her other developing systems, like the way it’s starting to regulate her heartbeat, instead of letting it beat willy-nilly like it has been. Baby’s umbilical cord is also growing stronger, and getting better at delivering nutrients to him/her. Basically, Baby is having a ball, at this point. You, on the other hand, could be seeing your sleep schedule start to get disrupted, and you might notice weird dreams as a result.

Baby is now 5 inches long, about the size of a pomegranate, and the soft cartilage that makes up his/her skeleton is ossifying, or turning into bone. You can help Baby out with the bone-hardening process by making sure you’re getting plenty of the usual suspects: calcium, magnesium, iron, vitamins A, C, and D, and then a couple of less common nutrients, like riboflavin and phosphorous.
The umbilical cord is strengthening, and Baby’s heart is beating up to 150 times a minute, and is now controlled by his/her brain rather than beating at random intervals. Furthermore, his/her brain is continuing to develop senses of sight, smell, sound and touch, and his/her arms and legs have reached their normal proportions and will continue to grow at this constant rate from here on out. He/She is developing her coordination, so that he/she will be all ready to take on the world in just a little more than a trimester and a half. If Baby is a girl, she is also already producing millions of eggs in her ovaries that she could use to be a mom herself someday!" Information from Ovia

Hallelujah! My energy is finally back! Although, I do get tired around 7:30/8pm and struggle to stay awake past those times unless I am being productive. This week was full of fun regardless of my exhaustion & constant headache from my neck injury (happened 6 months ago).

We decided to start out weekend off by going to Lowe's to looking for floating shelving units for books (not successful) & the bathroom (great success!) Spencer found his dream BBQ & so Saturday we spent it outside with the cold iced drinks, iced tea & iced latte to be exact. I tried to get a little tan but I couldn't handle the heat too well so I think it was a failed attempt.
Sunday we played board games with a couple of friends, did house chores & relaxed. It was such a good weekend!

A big thing Spencer & I have changed was our spending habits on eating out. We have been so good the last month or so by eating at home & bringing lunches to work. Not to toot my own horn but I've always been good for bringing lunches to work but Spencer on the other hand... hehe sorry Hunny! It was a big habit for us to change now that we have little one on the way. Having a new BBQ has already helped us use a lot of food in the house! We stock up on frozen chicken often when it goes on sale so we have been bringing BBQ chicken, sauteed seasonal veggies and rice for lunch this week. NOMS! Last week was Cranberry & Turkey Soup! (pictured below) Another great habit we have broken is the sweet craving. Instead of having junk food, sugar coated candies. I've been having fruit and yogurt if I ever want anything sweet and Spencer has been having loads of popcorn we can make at home. Eating healthy & making better choices financially is the biggest accomplishment I believe of this year!
Eating healthy has been a huge thing on my mind since most of my cravings and aversions have disappeared. I couldn't handle the thought of chicken or vegetables and just wanted junk in the first trimester. Now all I want is fresh fruit, fresh vegetables (thank goodness for RootCellar being around the corner). I've also gained the correct amount of weight for little bean & to have a healthy pregnancy. I feel like most of the weight is in my chest, belly & a little in the thighs. Now that I've talked about my weight gain. Take a look at the sweet treats I've made that have taken over my sugary candy cravings. One bizarre aversion is chocolate.

"Campfire" Strawb S'mores
Raspberries, vanilla yogurt, semi sweet dark chips & whip
Apple, Carrot, Beet, Lemon, Ginger, Celery & 1oz of Wheatgrass

It's been tough for me to keep active & go for walks/hikes because I get so tired by the end of the day so if I want to accomplish a nice long walk or hike it has to be in the mornings when I have the most energy. For that reason, I have been choosing my meals wisely apart from the occasional ice cream heheh. On another note, I have officially switched into all maternity wear.

 I have been feeling really uncomfortable because my shirts no longer fit properly & my pants are getting waay to tight. I went to Old Navy and got some cute shirts and some dresses. The dress in the photo above is my favourite dress! I feel so good in it and feel cute & confident.. Unlike before! I felt frumpy & insecure.

On another note, I've been incredibly lucky with symptoms, aches & pains recently as well! The only symptoms I can comment on this week are being exhausted, bleeding gums, stretch marks of death, hungry always & some boob pain. Sometimes it worries me that I don't feel as if I have many symptoms but then I remember it could be a lot worse! I've officially moved to the coconut oil tribe. I love it! My skin has been incredibly dry to the point my heels were cracking! It was awful and painful. I thought that only happened to the elderly! LOL Sorry if any grandmothers read this. I guess that's another symptom! I've been using coconut oil religiously since I found normal moisturizer just doesn't penetrate. Also, any other soon to be mommas.... I highly recommend seeing your dentist even though you're signing yourself up for torture when they floss your teeth... It must be done! Do nooot stop flossing because even if your gums bleed you're removing that bad blood that could cause gingivitis away from the gum area and letting new blood come through to heal the inflamed area... So the hygienist told me. You also don't want to brush your teeth after an episode of vomiting or acid reflux! It will actually cause the acid to be moved around your teeth and create more issues.
FUN FACT: Babies cannot be born with the the bacteria that creates cavities. IF your child becomes prone to cavities & bad dental it is because the parent transfers it to the baby or say if someone with bad dental issues kisses your child on the face.
To conclude this update. I have a lovely maternity doctors today and I'm excited to see how things are progressing as far as how big my belly has grown in size & to make sure everything is A-okay with my blood pressure & all the good stuff. :) Counting down the days until we see little one in 3D!!! T minus 10 days!

- T xo


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