Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Sixteen Weeks

This week has been kind of a rollercoaster! From feeling super awesome to feeling extremely exhausted. This week has been all about food so sorry for all the food posts lately on Instagram if you follow me! you'll notice I enjoy taking "flatlays" of my food to LOL Isn't that pretty much what Instagram was made for anyways?

We officially built the crib as well, it's become so real! I love how simplistic the Graco 'Ashleigh" design is.
Officially, 16 weeks! I am so in love. Baby is the size of a naval orange or avocado & the length of a good 4.61 inch pickle says my app I use (I'll be doing a blog post on my favourite baby apps!). 
After it was built we just stared at it & smiled. Spencer said "Little ones bed is made!" 💗 My heart melts whenever he makes comments. It just makes me so happy & appreciate that he's just as excited or who knows! Even more heheh. He wants a baby girl. Daddy's little girl. I said I want a little mama's boy but really we're both okay with whatever sex little one is! He or She is growing so much now! I didn't think I was showing much.. Until I took this photo!! Sometimes I think it's just a bunch of bloat. I noticed on May 20th when I woke up and looked in the mirror I didn't look that big.. 

Let the crib building commence, with the most Canadian craving ever & Silver waiting in the crib thinking it's her new bed probably. LOL 

I've been feeling pretty good apart from morning sickness hitting me every now and then. It normally happens if I try to have a heavy meal like bacon & eggs. My stomach just does NOT like eggs right now. Nor does it like red meat. I ended up feeling extremely awful Thursday night after having some red meat. The acid reflux was UNREAL it made me vomit a couple of times throughout the night. I ended up staying home on Friday because I was so so tired. I ended up having steak the following night and it was delicious. I didn't actually like the bearnaise sauce we made with it so that is in the photo below but wasn't touched! As for veggies.. I really wanted to enjoy some asparagus and it was actually really tough to eat! I don't know what it is..

The next morning I couldn't decide what I wanted for breakfast so I just made everything I wanted! I've been trying to eat cleaner... Less sugar/candy (None at all this week actually!) I've been craving watermelon like it's going out of style or any fresh fruit at this point. Just YUM!



This Thursday I will be 17 weeks.. It will be interesting to see if anything changes in the next couple of days.

Acid Reflux
Dizzy Spells
Gas Pains
Extreme nipple tenderness
Feeling as if my vision is getting worse!

We also have two ultrasounds scheduled for next month. I am SO excited to find out the baby's sex and to see little one again! We are doing a 3D Ultrasound at UC baby! We get to these in the Silver Package.

3D/4D ultrasound session
Gender determination, upon requestWatching baby’s activitiesListening to baby’s heartbeatsFace and body scan3D Images in a secure client online accountPrinted 4 x 6 photoFREE Live BroadcastingFREE Repeat session, if gender or face is hidden during initial sessionFREE Video-on-Demand

Very exciting :) 

- T xo


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