Thursday, 25 May 2017

The Pregnancy Apps for IOS/Android That I Adore.

You can call me crazy for having so many pregnancy/baby apps but I love the information each IOS application gives me. I get notifications daily saying new information about baby & cute little facts.
It is my favourite thing to wake up and learn something new & share with my spouse while we both slowly wake up in the mornings!

My #1: Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

 When I found out I was pregnant I went right to the app store and downloaded every pregnancy app I saw had the best ratings. I also asked my fellow new-mom friends what apps they liked using during their pregnancy. Ovia is my #1 because it gives you so much! It's also geared towards YOU so you don't forget about your health & wellness in the midst of pregnancy.

•    Daily Updates on what the heck is going on in there!- Each day I can log into the app for a quick update or two if you're lucky on what is going on at this stage of pregnancy. The app has some fun facts & also great sarcasm like when it told me if I was having a baby girl her ovaries are developed and carrying the eggs of my grandchildren! LOL It said in brackets "too soon? Too soon..) It’s helpful to know what’s developing each day and what growth changes are taking place.

•    Weekly Growth Updates- Each week you get a cute little update on what size the baby is. For example, I am now 17 weeks and baby is the size of a tangy pomegranate! You can also change the theme of from fruit to animals, toys, and even Parisian baked goods!  

•    Calendar- I really like the calendar feature, although I don’t use it to its fullest capacity. It allows you to track all doctor appointments and milestones throughout the entire pregnancy and also your medications you take like Vitamin D, Iron supplements, prenatal. The list goes on. :) 

•    Milestones- speaking of milestones, it tracks that too! So any unsolicited belly rubs, baby bump photos, baby showers, etc. You name it, you can track it through a milestone of some sort within the app. I really enjoy being able to go back to early July and look at what I was feeling and thinking as we were getting more used to the news of little one.

•    Hand print- this is probably my absolute favourite feature of the app! Each week there is a little hand print that grows to show you just how big baby’s hand is that week. Every single Thursday morning, right after turning off my alarm I open the app, just so I can see how big little one's hands are that week. They also just upgraded the app so it has a footprint as well now!      

The app has a ton of other really great features as well, so many good ones I can’t mention them all. If you or someone you know is expecting I would definitely recommend checking this app out. I appreciate getting daily updates on little one's growth and development and I’d rather get it throughout the week versus reading a chapter in a book! Woomp Woomp.

My #2: The Bump

The one thing I specifically like about The Bump is that it shows each week how baby is progressing in a 3D program you can launch right from the application itself. you can look around the 3D baby a full 360 degrees. It also has points on where the baby is developing with facts! You can zoom into any part of the baby as well.

My #3: Glow Nurture

Glow Nuture app boasts that it is the most simplistic of all pregnancy applications to use.. I would like to emphasize how it is super customizable & so the information it gives you is specifically made for you. that has been shared of the years the app has been out. It also has forum pages you will find that can be a little difficult to navigate sometimes. It's a great addition to the app that many other applications don't have & can be helpful for support. The community is great! You also get access to hundreds of pregnancy articles and some weeks the app will future certain expert doctors for Q&A's.


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