Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Week Fourteen

Week Fourteen

This week was full of morning sickness after breakfast each morning & hip pain! I had a doctors appointment to do my 4-week regular check up and everything is progressing perfectly! My belly is measuring up on point & babies heart rate was 157 BPM. We listened to littleone's heart for some time because he or she was kicking like crazy! It was the most beautiful thing to me. I started to tear up and couldn't hide my massive smile just listening to it. I was so over the moon. Other than that my only symptoms are morning sickness, waking up starving & hip pain in my left side. I noticed babe is sitting right on my left side the most so that could be the reason for the pain being on one side and not the other.

My other half and I had made plans to go on a little vacation to Tofino and that is a 4.5 hour drive. Thankfully my bladder cooperated! We got to the Wickinnish Inn and were in awe the moment we got there!
We checked in around 4PM and this was the first photo I snapped while in the lobby. It's beautiful!

We were told we were upgraded to a deluxe suite and brought to our room. We felt so taken care of. We explored our new homestead for the next 4 days and got a call that chocolate covered strawberries were being sent up to our room. Uhm ROYALTY TREATMENT! Well, it felt that way. We read the letter from the operations manager and ate the strawberries right away because how can you resist. Our next move was to go explore the little town of Tofino. We walked around and checked out all the closed shops.. They close around 5PM so we went back towards our hotel and had cod tacos at this place called Wild Side. Holy smokes do you ever get a lot for $13.

Our first day was a success. We went back & relaxed. I ran a bath because I knew I would be taking full advantage of the soaker tub!  I brought my Lush bath bombs with me of course.

The next morning I woke up at 3am because I was so hungry and so I never went back to sleep! Spencer was awake as well just because it was really hot in our room because he didn't think about how hot it would get. We thought it was safe since it was cold out! Anyways, we got up and made some tea and decided to walk on the beach! It was gorgeous. We had a lovely bald eagle hang out around us too! 

Breakfast time! I ordered two plates because both looked so appealing to me.. Sadly only the granola, yogurt, and fruit stayed down but ah well! I had never ordered room service before while staying at hotels or anything and so I really wanted to take advantage of it while away. It was almost like a bucket list item of mine!

We had such an amazing time in Tofino just relaxing and trying out the restaurants, coffee shops and beach walks. We would definitely go back! Our last breakfast before we left to head back home.

More photos from our trip! 


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