Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Week thirteen

Week 13! 

This week has been hands down probably the easiest although I will say sleeping is getting more uncomfortable. I had my 4th doctors appointment and met with the other side of the team that will be in the delivery room with me if my main doctor is away or anything. It went really well! My belly is measuring on point and baby was very active for the fetal doppler! It took not even a second to find little one with such a strong heart beat at 157BPM and whoosh sounds that I was told are baby kicks! When we listened I teared up and almost cried I was just so happy. I can't believe I have a little human inside still! I have no new symptoms or cravings at the moment but I noticed my sweet tooth is disappearing and normally I have a pretty big one! Im starting to get energy back and less morning sickness which is a huge plus. I wake up feeling so ready for the day and wanting to go out for walks! I've taken this week off (hitting 14 weeks) and I've been relaxing around the house and just taking time to myself. It's been so nice! I decided to bring out the sleepers today just to look at them. No other reason. Im just so excited! The one on the left is from soon to be again Grandma Julie. It will be great if baby is too big to fit into Newborn sizes but I did purchase the one on the right from Petit Lem it was on sale so I snagged it because it is gender neutral since we don't know what we're having yet! 

Here is just a precious moment with Spencer resting his head on my pelvis lightly <3 One of our kitties Zoe coming in for some snuggles! 


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