Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Eighteen Weeks

Holy eighteen weeks! I still sometimes can't believe I have a little human inside cookin' away. Babe is the size of a sweet potato this week & about 5 1/2 inches long. Babe also weighs about 7 ounces! Baby’s nervous system and facial features are developing, and he/she is turning it up a notch in terms of movement, kicking and rolling all around the womb. :)

This week I have definitely been feeling a little more exhausted than normal. According to the apps I use to track my pregnancy. (You can see my favourite ones here) It says a symptom this week could be dizziness due to low blood pressure. Which is completely on point! Also, I am having a hard time walking fast like I normally would. My spouse says it's so different that I'm the slow poke now because I normally would be ahead of everyone if we were walking together! Now I can barely keep up with my 6'3 other half when we do trail walks! I also can barley bend to tie my shoes.. So I had to take evidence that Spencer was tying my shoes for me since he took a photo of me tying his shoe last summer as a joke saying I was his assistant!

I also noticed hip pain this week assuming because they are widing for little one. He or she has been kicking lots lately and sometimes even when I get up in the middle of the night for my bathroom break I can't get back to sleep because little one is dancing around! Otherwise, my symptoms are pretty undetectable since they have become a part of my life! Besides having to run to the bathroom 5000 times a day. 

I've been pretty excited to start making arts & crafts for our baby sex/gender reveal coming up on Fathers Day! We decided on some super cute things thanks to Pinterest, so I've started DIY'ing it up! It's so much fun and actually quite therapeutic to paint! We have everything we need for the lovely afternoon & decided to invite a couple of our close friends to the family gathering. I am so excited because my childhood best friend Chantelle will be coming and her & I have been reconnecting a lot lately. It is a breath of fresh air to have her back in my life! Especially because we were attached at the hip when we were little. It's like she never left my life because we never had that awkward moment between the gaps of not speaking just due to going our separate ways.

- A little what I ate this week. -
I've been keeping on the healthy eats train and eating mostly nutritional meals with the exception of Johnny Rockets once! It just opened up and Spencer & I said we would try it when it officially opened! It was delicious & so worth it! Fresh onions, tomatoes, lettuce and their greasy onion rings!
We have also been having lots of BBQ chicken with only BBQ sauce on and sauteed veggies. Thankfully my stomach/cravings can handle veggies again. I was feeling deprived! I try to have a balanced diet as far as fruit, veggies, grains & protein but I also notice I am having too much dairy. If that is possible during pregnancy. I have been having yogurt every morning and cereal as a snack and sometimes would sneak in an icecream.. The only reason I bring this up is that I notice it is making me feel sluggish! So I will be cutting up on my dairy consumption by a little in hopes it will stop the sluggish feeling. I noticed this when I use to be a dairy consumer prior to finding out I was intolerant. I hadn't been drinking dairy products or eating them for that matter for a long time before I for pregnant but my body isnt reacting to it as it would for intoelrance. I will say, I can't wait to no longer consume it once I'm not pregnant and just purchase fortified almond milk with calcium! ... Although whip cream is my weakness right now.. Go figure! 

Breakfast round #2 because babe & my stomach don't like fast food breakfast!

Sweet Potato Chips from Costco!


I hope you enjoyed my little update this week! Each week on Thursday I start a new week with little babe. This Thursday I will be 19 weeks! t-minus 2 more days until our 3D ultrasound too!


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