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Fathers Day Activities & Gift Ideas 2017

Mark your calendars ladies & gents because Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 18th! From personal experience, I have never really celebrated a true Father's Day, unfortunately. I've kind of seen it as a sad day actually. Growing up I didn't have much of a father figure until my Grandparents took guardianship of me. My Grandfather became my father figure but we never really celebrated because he says "holidays are just another day" that includes birthdays.
Growing up I've decided I would love to celebrate all holidays including the hallmark ones! Let's get back to the main event. Fathers Day. :)

We see this day as an opportunity to spoil the men in our lives—plus Father’s Day is an excuse to fire up the grill and spend time in the sunshine! It’s all too common for our dads to refuse a gift or say that they’re happy with anything, so I have created a Father’s Day gift guide & activities to help you all out. I love that there’s a special day just for the leading men in our lives and we want to show them just how much we love them. Just like we do for our mothers! 
This year I’ve included gifts & activities for every type of dad. From the techy to the laid back dads and outdoor enthusiast, there’s something on this list that will suit your dad or father figure in your life! So keep scrolling for 10 activities to do on this special day & 10 amazing Father’s Day gift ideas.


1. Play your dad's favorite childhood board game, a card game, darts or even crib have some drinks if you're of age!

2. Go Fishing

3. Go to a car show!

4. If you live in Victoria, BC Take your dad to the car-free YYJ Day downtown!

5. Take your dad camping for the weekend!

6. Go for a hike or trail walk, enjoy the time & reminisce when you were young & when he was a little champ!

7. Go to your father's favourite restaurant or pub!

8. Take him golfing or to the shooting range.

9. If you can't see your father on father's day or live in a different city call him up & let him know how much he means to you. Any dad out there would appreciate it even if he is a manly man.

10. Just spend the day with your old man and take in every moment.

Gift Ideas:

2. Cologne! Some men don't wear cologne but what about special nights!? He may appreciate the thought or be offended you think he smells bad. LOL 

3. iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit (Value$70) is your dad a tech geek or a soon to be a father a tech geek?! This would be the perfect on the go toolkit. It can repair any mainstream laptop or cellphone. The tools were selected based off of data from thousands of repair guides. Sure to save your laptop or cell phone if you're having troubles & no what you're doing or in this case your daddio! 
4. Birthbox for men! BirthBox Man This is a great idea if your dad likes to receive mail. Not only that, it's a monthly subscription so you can surprise him monthly because I' am sure he may forget it's a reoccurring one and love it! It is $20 a month.


6. Iphone Case & Wallet in one! 
The Etsy shop has the iPhone/Wallet hybrid in other sizes for older iPhones as well. If your father doesn't have an Iphone6 don't be discouraged just yet! 

7. Gift Card to his favourite store or resturant!

10. A New Watch Never Fails

I hope these activities and gift ideas helped you brain storm for Fathers Day! Nothing is better than celebrating your loved ones. Espeically the ones who raised you or the father figure in your life!


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