Tuesday, 20 June 2017

❤ Gender Reveal ❤

Are you one of those people who loves a gender reveal party? I have say every since I saw that Gender Reveal parties were a thing on Facebook with all of the pink and blue pictures, the family & friends picking which gender they think the little one will be, and then the reveal video with shocked parents’ faces. I had to do it myself. I feel like it is more of an American thing to do because everyone I told about it and even family didn't know what it was! They've never attended one before! 

While planning out the reveal was a little overwhelming because I am not one who enjoys planning events BUT that being said I tend to take control so I have input as well even if it stresses me a little sometimes. I really wanted to be "extra" & do this since we have decided we only want one kiddo. We wanted to go all out! :) We had around 30 of closest family & friends join us for the surprise. It was beautiful. I loved every moment. I said to Spencer at the end of the night "It felt like a dream" We are SO Happy & excited! 

We made it a potluck style, bring an appy or shareable dish. It was perfect!  We had tons of food and had a BBQ afterwards with whomever wanted to stay. I made some chocolate dipped strawbs & some half covered chocolate pretzels! 

We did a name suggestions jar for fun and I said to everyone they can do silly names and serious names. Once we had a full jar Spencer read out all of them and some were hilarious! My uncle decided to be funny and put his name in there a dozen times! our favorites were Spanya (Funny), Issac, Ariel, Maddy, Roman, Lucy. I want to keep the jar so our little one can see what our silly friends & family decided on throwing in there! 












We had so much fun & are over the moon to know now we are having a little boy! We can`t wait to meet our son in 4 1/2 ish short months! For those who are curious. No we do not have a name chosen, we will not be sharing the name until I give birth. I am due November 2nd, 2017!

love you guys!


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