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↠ My Favourite Cook Books ↞

I’ve loved to cook ever since I was little, but let's be real.. I never really LEARNED how to cook! Asa young adult, I go through seasons of creatively experimenting with cooking, and seasons of cooking. I've really adopted the love for baking & cooking for my mother in law Julie. Prior to seeing her creations I wasn't very interested in it! I will never forget when Spencer & I started dating and Julie made a chicken pot pie. Thankfully she had one extra made so I was invited to stay for dinner! It was so yum. I think that's really what sparked my interest for cooking & baking. However, when Spencer & I were friends prior to being together he thought of a cute idea to pick me up after my cousins prom & we would go back to his place (he lived with his parents) and we would late night bake some oatmeal cookies... Let's just say Spencer was a little nervous around me and instead of 2 tablespoons of oil for the recipe... HE DID 2 CUPS. 

A little something like this but all over the pan. 

In creative times and dead-practical ones, these terrific cookbooks have been by my side. When I’m in survival mode (in the kitchen, at least) my favorite cookbooks hold sure-fire recipes that will get breakfast, lunch & dinner on the table, somewhat fast. When I’m in experimentation mode, these same books are an invitation to explore. I really want to try to make my own fudge pops. I will share the recipe in a moment from ThugKitchen. Today I’m sharing my favorite cookbooks. A caveat: I’m really looking forward to the summer dishes in my cookbooks to accompany the warmer weather, and that may have influenced one of my choices here. If you've read my other posts & pregnancy updates you'll see we got a new BBQ and have been using it as a staple the past couple of weeks for our meals including meal prep for work during the week. We love the new BBQ and plan to use it as a staple throughout the summer even for the recipes in these cookbooks! We found a super easy meal to make. Hoisin sauce chicken stir fry but made on the BBQ instead of a Wok! 

Quick Recipe:

Seasonal Veggies, sauté them in a vegetable griller on the Q. Cook up your chicken and cut into small pieces, add the Hoisin sauce to the chicken and mix in a big bowl and add a little more Hoisin sauce if you would like it super saucy! While you are cooking the vegetables & chicken don't forget to throw on some Basmati rice! To make the perfect rice add 1 tablespoon of oil, 2 cups of water, a pinch of salt & 1 cup of rice. Perfection.


Chrissy Teigen is hands down one of my favorite celebrities. She is HILARIOUS & I love how intense she is on Twitter and her replies to some of the troll are hands down hilarious. I was lucky enough to win her cookbook through Chapters Indigo and was immediately drawn in from her delicious food photos & the cute ones with her & John like below! Couple Goals. I'm sure she hears that a lot of reads it a lot anyways.

Those breakfast sandwiches look soo delicious! 

I haven't tried many recipes in Chrissy's cookbook yet but the one below is one of the more basic ones my other half & I have tried. It's super similar to our freestyle hoisin sauce chicken stirfry above.


The next is Thug Kitchen: Eat like you give a f*ck. I originally bought Thug Kitchen for my spouse thinking he would get a good laugh at the vulgar writing and I thought it had meat involved in the recipes but it doesn't! It is 100% vegan. I really like the soups in the book & soups are the easiest to make since we purchased a stockpot and also have a crockpot if we pull it out!

The Minestrone soup one of my favorites but instead of pasta I use quinoa. I also like to add in kidney beans. Mmm yummy! Soup has been a staple in our diets even in the warmer months because it is super easy to make & great for meal prepping during the work week. We really like to also use some pre measured out soups and add in the broth and vegetables. Since we have been changing out diet from eating out a lot to more home made meals we have been eating tons of veggies from The Root Cellar The cool thing about their website is that it is constantly updated & actually really nice to look at unlike your generic grocery stores that carry the E-flyer and boring layout. The Root Cellar also updates their veggie count and what is organic, BC grow & local. :)

I really want to attempt making these this summer. We like the organic fudge pops from Costco but it would be nice to make them from scratch! Scroll below the Fudge Pops to watch the book trailer forThug Kitchen. It is what sold me in the first place! I watched before the book came out and then waited a year to purchase so I forgot it was 100% vegan! 


Last but not least. Vitamix! I bought Spencer a Vitamix for Christmas two years ago because he was adamant about his new year's resolutions. It was on sale at the Hudson’s Bay & for a limited time so I said "Merry Christmas" while I was on a business trip at the beginning of December and he got it! It came with a $30 voucher I believe too so he purchased this book. I personally got more use out of the book and blender than he has! I guess it's Merry Christmas to me. ¯\_()_/¯ Spencer made one smoothie called the green hulk he found on Redit.com and it was AWFUL I even tried it... It turned him off of green smoothies forever.. Unless I made him my replicated Jugo Juice Clean Kick Smoothie. Noms!

Jugo Juice 'Clean Kick' Replication Recipe
2 table spoons of Lemon Juice
1 cup Unsweetened Almond Milk
1 cup or orange juice
1 cup of pineapple
1 medium banana
small chunk of ginger
1-2 cups of fresh spinach or 3 tablets of frozen spinach

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I had so much fun creating it & love sharing with you guys! Thank you for the support & coming back to read each week on whats new!


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