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↠ My Skin Care Routine

If you know me personally or have witnessed my struggle with acne/adult acne.. You'll know I've spent a small fortune on dermo appointments, skincare products, wasted countless hours orchestrating the daily battle between my concealer and blemishes, cried a lot (true story), and put a ton of unhealthy chemicals on my face — harsh, kill-all-the-acne-causing-bacteria-there-ever-was chemicals. As I learned more about health and nutrition the last couple of years I knew I needed to get these chemicals out of my life but was scared. What about my skin!? Didn’t I need these chemicals? Ironically, doing a full 180 and adopting a very gentle, totally natural skincare and beauty routine (along with a nutrient-dense diet, no doubt) eliminated my acne.

Since I geek out on natural skincare and beauty more than anything else in this whole wide world, it seemed only appropriate to finally put a post together about my natural skincare and beauty routine. My routine is actually very simple and I hope will be helpful to others who are either suffering from acne or simply want to go natural and ditch the nasties. I was originally inspired by my mother in law when she told me about this app called Healhy Living. It is made by the Environmental Working Group where you can look up anything from food to beauty. We are exposed to chemicals every single day of our lives and know little about them! I personally started using the app to look at all the product I owned already and looked for better alternatives. If the app doesnt carry your product you can easily input on the desktop website at Skin Deep Cosmetic Data Base to make up your own report. I have done this multiple times because I really care about what I'm putting on my body & also to make sure anything is safe for baby!

↠ My Skin Care Routine 


I wash my face just once a day, every evening. I use my Neutrogena Naturals Fresh Cleansing + Makeup Remover. The greenest cleanser in the drugstore arena, this creamy gel lacks a lot of the nasty stuff, including fragrance, chemical sulfates, parabens, petrochemicals, dyes and phthalates. (I also like that the bottle is made of 50% post-consumer recycled content, something that, in my opinion, should be an industry standard.) I also remove even the most stubborn mascara with it!

Another little thing I have been doing a lot recently is just wiping my face with Kirkland baby wipes!
Sound's crazy I know but it keeps my oils at bay and I believe this has really helped my skin over all so I don't break out. Since I am infact pregnant, the oil production is even worse now than it was with just having oily skin as my problematic issue.


To clear dead skin cells and keep pores clear, I exfoliate once a week. Yes just once! Exfoliating your skin more than once a week can cause mini tears in your skin and make it harder for it to repair itself which can create more breakouts! I use Vitascrub by Dr.Zo recommended to me by my dermatologist. This is the only product I use very rarely due to the ingredients. 


While organic witch hazel makes for a wonderful natural astringent, I like to amp things up by infusing witch hazel with the wonderful healing properties of roses by using rosehip oil! I have suffered from cystic acne that leaves dark spots & uneven skintone so by using Rosehip Oil it has drastically been changing my skin for the better. I not only had faded the spots, corrected my skintone but also LESS BREAKOUTS! The plus side too is if you like English Breakfast tea the oil smells like it.


It’s all about the face oils, baby. Whenever anyone compliments my skin (it still blows my mind when that happens!), I immediately blurt out “ROSEHIP OIL!” and start gushing all about it the way a young child gushes about a day at the beach/their favorite movie/ anything remotely exciting — you know, very quickly and with an intense enthusiasm. While I have experimented with a number of face oils, rosehip is by far my personal favorite. At night after cleansing, exfoliating, I very generously apply my favorite face oil blend as a toner then fo in with REN EverCalm  


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