Thursday, 1 June 2017

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Donate!

I've been donating & selling a lot of items I no longer use or find useful. It's either been tucked away or just held on to for no reason other than "we might use this someday" excuse. It feels really great to declutter and use Varagsale! Nothing gets me more excited than getting rid of things & having more space. I really try to embrace the minimalist lifestyle.  

I started looking into the minimalist lifestyle when I found this girl on Youtube by the name of Rachel Aust (Click here to go to her Youtube).
I became so intrigued I printed off her 60-day culling challenge which you can find here.
I started following each day and of course, I chose my "theme" to be black, white & neutrals. The typical go-to theme. I dejunked a lot of small things I was holding on to for no reason or because of old memories.

Now that I have been loosely following a minimalist lifestyle, it's time to go back to the 60-day challenge! I need to cull my closet & shoes the most. I also want to donate books I no longer will take the time to read or look at. Just taking up space. I like to think I don't have many possessions anymore because of the culling I've done over the years but then I go into my desk corner and it's a little bit of a mess at the moment while we shift around furniture. I'd like to get rid of my desk all together eventually. It will be going up on VarageSale!

If you are wanting to join along here are some awesome tips I followed during my "journey" if you will. You can either check out my list of go to the 60-day Challenge and print that sucker off & get started!

Clothing & Shoes
  1. Go through your closet and give away everything you haven't worn in one year.
  2. Give away any clothes that don't fit.
  3. Sell on Varagesale or Facebook Swap, Shop & Sell
  4. Give away anything you wouldn't take on vacation during each of the 4 seasons.
  5. Take all remaining clothes out of your closet, select the number of hangers you wish to remain and throw away the rest. Hang up the items you can't bare to live without until all hangers are full. Now you can't buy more clothes unless you get rid of an equal number of items. OR hang your clothing hangers backwards and whichever hangers are backwards by the end of the year. Donate those items. Do you really think you will grab those items again?
  6. Throw out every sock that has a hole or is missing it's mate.
  7. Select no more than a week's worth of socks and undergarments and chuck the rest.
  8. Pair down your shoes until you have only one or two pairs for each category: dress shoes, boots, sandals, sports, hiking, & workout.
  1. Unclutter your surfaces. Clean lines are refreshing.
  2. Don't EVER throw dirty laundry on the ground. Put it in a hamper!
  3. Choose three or four most prized possessions to highlight.
  4. If you haven't participated in a hobby or sport in the last three years, sell those affiliated items.
  5. Create a filing system for important papers. I have found that a box with well-labeled folders is sufficient. OR you can use the app called CamScanner to go paperless! 
  6. Choose up to four furniture pieces and sell the rest. Fewer items make the room look bigger and feel like a clean hotel room.
  7. Take pictures of sentimental items or turn them into something new. :) 
  1. Throw out all cosmetics, lotions, and shampoos older than a year.
  2. Dwindle down items by category: Shampoos, shaving creams, lotions, lipsticks, polishes, ect. Try to only keep as few of each as possible. If you're like me and liked to stock up so you never run out, use up your items and then purchase. A great way to remember is always having a "Shopping" note on your phone. If you have an iPhone you can share the note with your spouse or partner so they can also add to the list! 
  3. Toss anything that is no your absolute favorite item.
  4. Create a daily hygiene routine and keep all of those items together.
  5. Keep items rarely used (for special occasions) separate from daily items.
Kitchen (I need to cull REALLY bad)
  1. Giveaway duplicates.
  2. Giveaway seldom used appliances that have limited uses: Waffle makers, snow cone makers, popcorn machines,ect.
  3. Most recipes can be made with one large pot and a cast iron pan. Give away unused portions of pot and pan sets. We have so many pot's & pans and it is something I will need to cull with Spencer so we can actually get somewhere with it! 
  4. Select your ten (or fewer) favorite mugs and give away the rest.
  5. Throw out old sauces, condiments, and expired packages
  6. Organize your fridge so that all items are visible This will decrease the stress of finding items, spending money on duplicates, and will remind you to consume them before they expire.

Maintaining Minimalism

  1. Follow a one item in, one item out rule. If you purchase something, pass something along.
  2. Deal with clutter as it comes, don't let it pile up.
  3. Read minimalist blogs for constant inspiration.
  4. Focus on finding just one item you can part with. Repeat.
  5. Deal with anything that comes into the house right away.
  6. Find creative ways to display the items most used and important to you. Pinterest can be your friend.
  7. Break down large projects into small pieces. See every item out the door as an incredible accomplishment.
  8. Try living for a month without buying anything except the absolute necessities (food, medication, ect.)
  9. If you were to vacation in Europe for three months, what would you take with you? Consider the importance of every item left behind. If you can do without it for three months, can you live without it now?
  10. Don't buy anything on a whim or an emotional high or low. Plan out purchases in advance.
  11. Move towards paperless and automated bill payments and banking.
  12. Clean everyday. Don't let dishes, cat hair, or dirty towels crash your minimalist state of mind.


    Comment below telling me the biggest project in your home may be to start your declutter! 

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