Monday, 26 June 2017

Twenty Weeks & Twenty One Weeks!

Uhm, hello lung capacity WHERE DID YOU GO?! I've noticed these last two weeks it is getting a little harder to do everyday normal exercise. Along with kicks or headbutt's to the bladder so I feel like I need to hit the washroom even though I did 3 minutes ago. These last two weeks have been somewhat uneventful apart from Spencer feeling little one kick for the first time! It was such a cool moment. We've been waiting for this moment ever since I started feeling him kick at 16/17 weeks!

As I get bigger I am finding it hard not to reach for my cute summer clothes. I decided to try and incorporate my "old" shirts so I put on a dress and put one of my before pregnancy shirts on over top & tied the side to show off my belly a little more! It's so weird to me to want to show the belly off when prior to pregnancy I'd do anything & everything to hide even a small pouch! One another thing I have noticed was I am SUPER emotional this week. I will cry at anything. Happy or sad. It's so bizarre because I never use to cry! I accidentally made an oppsie on the weekend & switched the wrong breaker and Spence was working.. BIG oppsie and he was obviously a little peeved but I cried and cried because of it and felt awful. I ended up having to go to our room to relax. He was upset because his work was gone and didnt even make a big deal but I made the big deal by crying hahah. we laugh it off though. He understands Im super sensitive right now too so he has been extra tolerable of me recently. heheh

I also decided to grab some memorabilia books even though I have my blog.. I want something more permanent. ( Deja Vu ) side note: while writing this I noticed I was having a moment... I had to text Spencer right away because I told him when I first found out I was pregnant I was writing about buying books to track my pregnancy & baby.. SO CRAZY & COOL.

Babe is the length of naners at week 20! 

This week marks a milestone - Baby has straightened out enough that we can now measure him from head to toe, as opposed to the old “crown to rump” measurement that we previously took, so don’t worry if it sounds like he has grown more than seems possible when you hear his measurements - we’re just measuring more of him now. Because of this, Baby is now about 10 inches tall, the size of an endive, and he weighs about 10 ½ ounces. Babe is a boy so, his testicles are descending from his abdomen into the scrotum.
Inside your uterus, Baby’s skin is still in the process of being covered in a creamy white substance called vernix caseosa that will cover and protect his skin through until birth. Scientists speculate that this coating might play a part in helping Baby adjust to living ‘on land’ instead of in the watery environment inside your uterus.
He is going to keep gulping down that amniotic fluid - he now consumes multiple ounces a day. Baby is also sprouting teeth buds underneath his gums, as well as lips, eyelashes, and eyebrows - the face you’re going to know and love is on its way! Just 20 short weeks until your bun will be fully cooked.

21 weeks

Black tarry substance that makes up her first poop. Her skin is still a bit see-through, and it has developed wrinkles that allow for internal expansion once baby fat starts to set in, so she will fill out into that plump little thing you’ve always hoped for! This baby fat is especially important for Baby’s development, both because the fats in her system directly fuel her brain’s development, and because it’s one of the biggest components of Baby’s ability to regulate her own temperature once born.
Baby is about 10 ½ inches long (26.7 cm), the size of a bok choy, and weighs almost ¾ of a pound (350 g). She really does look like a miniature person at this point, a significant improvement from the microscopic ball of cells that she was merely 20 weeks ago.


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