Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Twenty Seven Weeks

This week has been actually so good! Apart from not being able to eat normal portioned meals without taking a good 45 minutes to finish. This will be a quick update because it was so good! I find the good weeks tend to be the more boring updates.

Little one has been kicking up a storm & making my belly move in weird ways I've never seen before! He gets hiccups & likes to kick me in the ribs already. He's getting ready for delivery my Ovia app says. He hasn't given me much heartburn but has pressed on my bladder making me think I'm going to wee myself sometimes. That would be embarrassing! My belly button piercing is looking more weird as my pregnancy goes on & my microdermal scar is becoming irritated from the stretch as well. (Implant piercing under my belly button -- now just a scar because I took it out)
Over all I think my favourite is interacting with little one when he's being super active pretty much all the time it feels and poking my belly and he kicks back.

*This is not me*

I've been feeling a little bit energy wise because of the new iron supplement I am taking. YAY! Also having a vegan lifestyle has helped tremendously with bad cravings, unnecessary weight gain & my overall mental health. I have noticed that long car rides are not my steeze anymore. Even if it's 2 hours.. It's really hard on my back and well, my belly because I feel like my posture just over time gets worse which then also messes up my back. I'm also starting to notice by Thursday's of each week I'm pretty ready to throw the towel in on work weeks. Although, we have been insanely busy the last couple of weeks. It's all starting to finally slow down so I can focus more on the baby shower, getting little things done around the house & just getting back to keeping up with everything. Thanks

Question: If you are currently pregnant or just a mama now, what was something you seemed to struggle with the most hitting your 27-28 weeks? 


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