Thursday, 3 August 2017

Twenty Six Weeks!

Little babe is the size of a Butternut Squash at 26 weeks! 

This week started off really great! Unlike last my TwentyFifth update.. I got my chest ultrasound results back & they were very reassuring. HALLELUJAH.
However, My weekend was pretty dull. Friday was great, we went over to our friend's place & my girl friend Nicole made us dinner & we played games. (Dinner photo below) It was so much fun! I ended up staying up pretty late Friday night & then the rest of my weekend was pretty much shot. 

Ramen bowl with tempeh bacon, sauteed mushrooms, onions and semi pickled carrot, cabbage and lettuce! Homemade miso sauce for the ramen. It was so so yummy. 

I ended up staying up until 1AM or so just doing some house chores. I had the energy I might as well use it to my advantage! I woke up the next morning just feeling kind of crappy. I ended up staying on the couch and being a potato for the majority of the day besides a little baking in the afternoon. I had two naps in one day! I ended up repeating my Saturday on Sunday. I was a little worried at this point. What was wrong with me? I wasn't feeling very hungry in the AM and then once the afternoon hit I felt like I could eat everything... So I had a veggie burger w. avocado on it... Then has some snacks and a bunch of pickles.
On Monday I had my glucose test first thing in the morning. The drink really isn't that bad! I actually liked it but I will admit it was super sugary, just reminded me of flat Orange Crush pop! I like anything orange flavored so that was an advantage. While I sat for 2 hours I put together a hospital bag list and searched Pinterest for good ideas. Getting poked 3 times was not my favorite. I feel like my pain tolerance is a little lower ever since becoming pregnant. I usually handle any pain really well, I mean I pierced my own ears & stretched them in high school! (awful regretful phase) Needles normally don't bother me but I guess with all the hormones everything is a little more sensitive. 

I finished my appointment and was SO hungry. I had to fast for 10 hours but by the time I was done I fasted for 13-14 hours. Was not fun, I completely crashed from the sugar high and just needed food stat. I had some lentil soup once I got to the office and felt a little better, but man I was tired! 
Later that day I checked my results online and I do not have gestational diabetes and my levels were really good! However, my iron levels were severely low. THE CULPRIT to the weekend's exhaustion. I let my supervisor know I may have an unscheduled appointment with my doctor but she ended up just calling me and recommending me a certain iron supplement. Now I take one every morning of 150mg on Iron. Fingers crossed it brings my level back up! I've suffered from low iron a couple of years ago but my old iron supplement was only 45mg! This new one makes me feel a bit nauseous but all in all, I hope it works and the side effects taper off. 
I've been eating my dark leafy greens, my beets, any plan based high iron foods and it's actually really tough to rise your iron levels because it's one of those supplements that's difficult to absorb even though we need it. I would even have lemon concentrate with it for better absorption but clearly, it didn't work. I also know animal meat products carry a different type of iron, Hema Iron but my doctor assured me that it wasn't because of that. It was because all my nutrients & vitamins I get baby steals! 

A few days after my Glucose test I started to get a pain in my upper arm and determined nerve injury from one of the pokes the nurse gave me. It hurts! Thankfully it's starting to ease off.. We also had our first prenatal class! We enjoyed it so much & had a good couple of laughs. We were the youngest in the class being 27 & 24. Everyone seemed pretty nervous/shy at the beginning but with Spencer being in the class he can always crack funnys. 

I'm slowly getting closer to the fall season spirit. I maaaay have made a couple of fall inspired baked dishes... If you know me personally or follow me on the gram I've already talked a little bit about my obsessed with Fall/Autumn. I can't help it! I guess you could say I'm your basic white girl. I get bit by the Fall bug mid-summer every year! 

Pumpkin Spice Chia Parfait with a pumpkin icing as a small sugary topping.


Have you had Iron diffencency before? What did your doctor recommend & how did you manage to get your levels back up!? What were the side effect you felt while being low on Iron?


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