Thursday, 31 August 2017

29 & 30 Weeks

Just kidding, Im not pregnant. It's a basket ball. Got you all! hahaha. 

In case you are 100% keeping up with my pregnancy updates, I apologize I did not post one last week & that this one is a little late! I didn't feel like much went on it was the same moaning & groaning as the week prior I believe! However, being 30 weeks pregnant I sure can be uncomfortable.
My maternity appointments are officially every two weeks now, which puts my mind at ease now that I feel like each week brings on a new set of battles to overcome with being uncomfortable and all the questions!
As far as symptoms go I don't really see them as symptoms! I now take iron supplements because my hemoglobin and ferritin were low 118 and 7... Very low! Since taking my supplements I have had more energy and just making sure I get enough H2O. I wake up at 4 am every morning to go to the washroom like clock work and head back to bed for a couple more hours. I also have been suffering from SPD also known as 
Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. It is honestly the most painful thing I've experienced yet. it doesn't bother me much during the day or morning but once I'm home from work around 5pm I am in excruciating pain and I am slower than a sloth and pretty useless unless I push myself. I've also been experiencing rib flares. So sitting for a long period of time isn't a good idea because either babe is kicking me or my uterus is sitting right under my ribs so the pressure its super painful. Thankfully my work desk can be a standing desk so that helps! 

I feel like this update is mostly me complaining about being in pain but it is my reality right now. I try & not let it show in my face or at work because I'm a workaholic and it really doesn't affect my work ethic. Just once I am home I'm a sack of potatoes! 

Watermelon craving has awoken once more! 


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