Thursday, 18 January 2018

Sleeping Baby

One of the biggest questions that I get asked recently, is about my Lucas’s sleep habits. It’s a parent’s great debate. What type of method did you use while they were a baby? how long should you co-sleep? what do you do if your child doesn’t sleep anymore? There are so many different opinions to all of our sleeping questions. But, one thing I know for sure is that every kid is different. My mom group says so.

I have always been really open with how Lucas has slept. He's been sleeping in his own room, in his crib since he was 5 weeks old. We unintentionally did the "Cry It Out" Method for about a week. That being said I never really researched the CIO Method being a first time mom... You think I would.. Yes, it was super hard, but then something clicks in his head, and he became baby who slept 10 hours a night. When I say it was hard, I mean listening to him cry was hard at the beginning. He literally only cried the first week but I wouldn't let it get to a cry where he was red in the face & heating his little body. I would let him cry for 2 minutes IF that and then go in and soothe him. Now, being 13 weeks he feeds and goes to sleep no problem. He will occasionally wake up at 5am because of a dirty diaper but once it is changed he goes right back to sleep until about 8/8:30am. I will add that we do use a white noise machine. Ollie the Owl! 

Ollie is amazing! We love using him because of his cry sensor. He plays white noise for 20 minutes or a lullaby which ever your bub prefers. You can also use the nightlight that has 3 different settings if you feel it is necessary. Ollie is one necessary owl in our lives because it helps Lucas go into a deeper REM sleep. He will soon be phased out because we really don't want any 'bad habits' as some put it.

Recently, Lucas has been feeding about 8oz before bed which I 100% bet is helping him sleep longer. We start his bedtime routine around 7pm and he is asleep by 9 or 10pm if he is super fussy. I believe the most exhausting exercise during our day is bedtime. Only because my cats are screaming at me to be fed, I have to pump around the same time and well, Lucas likes to play games sometimes. It's so worth it because if he falls asleep in my arms I reflect on how lucky I am to be a mom to this little boy. He's developmentally on point & well, a beast! 17lbs and in 6-9 month sleepers! He will be tall like his father & I.

I like to believe my husband & I are very lucky to have set some routine in Lucas's life already. He is adapting so so well to being on our earth! We are lucky to have set this bedtime routine because we were in the works to hiring a sleep consultant just in case.

To all the mama's out there still struggling with bedtime/nights, it does get better! I promise.
And above all, drink the coffee.


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