Friday, 9 March 2018

My Postpartum Update: 4 months

Where do I begin. Sorry if this is all over the place!

I am 4 months postpartum, I now weigh 147 lbs . I was 191 lbs at the end of my pregnancy. I began at 160 lbs. I do not exercise besides walking as of yet because I just haven't had the motivation. However, I do have a delicious diet full of veggies & fruit which I am sure has helped! I am Vegan for those of you unaware. I snack like it is nobody's business too! I have a feeling my weight loss is due to my pumping schedule I had. It was every 3 hours! Now I am every 6 hours which I really like! I get 9oz - 10oz per side each pumping session so I am still over producing for my little one. If you know me personally or have seen on my Instagram. I have been donating to another mama who's baby is the same age as Luke. :) He is thriving off of my supply! I make approx 18 large ziploc bags that hold 10 bags of 7oz bags each a month! While still giving my son 40 oz a day. It's a little crazy but I am happy that my body can supply to help out another mama in need. 

Physically: I am feeling great most days apart from having some back pain I have associated with delivery. So I am seeing my chiropractor every 2 weeks to get adjusted. I also had some really crappy news that I have to be re-repaired from delivery because the maternity doctor that delivery Lucas didn't repair me properly. I have been spotting for about a month. I went to get checked out thinking maybe something else was wrong. During my pap I mentioned it and my doctor told me that my 2nd degree tear was more of a 3rd degree and I will need to see a specialist to be repaired. 

Mentally: I am/was exhausted. I have cried a lot. Especially with finding out my downstairs has to be re repaired!! It is frustrating.Overall February I needed a small break from social media & my posting schedule because I was becoming overwhelmed with my health & feeling as if I was falling into a depression. It was a little scary.
When I feel this way I tend to isolate myself instead of asking for help. Some days I would think about showering & then think about how much more work it is to brush my hair out afterwards so I wouldn't. I was the ultimate lazy one who would barley take care of herself. I was sad because well, postpartum hair loss.. I have two bald patches where my hairline use to be normal! I was upset about the way I looked but I wasn't doing anything to fix it. Just wallowing in my own self pitty.
Let me say, when I have anxiety it slowly can turn into a mild form of depression for myself. I feel like my life is crumbling. I am so fortunate to notice these patterns & do things that make me happy & get my out of the rut I am in.. Not many people have that. I now get myself & Luke out for small walks and throw on my ball cap to hide my hair loss & not to mention since my hair is dark.. my natural hair root growth is about 2 inches of light brown. The contrast makes my hair look much worse! LOL My own fault for going to the dark side after giving birth. haha. 

Lucas: has been developing so amazingly.. Is that even a word.. I love watching him grow & learn no things. He is almost rolling over! He sleeps from 8pm - 8/9am without night wake ups HALLELUJAH. I 100% believe this is because he has been in his crib since 5 weeks old & we did a routine of getting him to bed at 8pm around 12 weeks or so. If you would like to know more about Lucas's bedtime routine or daily routine comment below! The more response the more I will be willing to write it all out for those interested. :)
Lucas smiles, laughs, screeches, makes all sorts of silly noises and self soothes with his thumb. He's at the point of putting everything in his mouth. Spitting up a lot because well, I feel like it's a phase! He never use to spit it. I remember to bring a change of clothes for myself places now a days.
He weighs 19lbs & has officially lost all of his golden blonde baby hair he was born with.. It is replaced with platinum blonde! It is growing so fast too! Last but not least. He loves to try & sit up on his own.  It's my favorite! 


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  1. Glad to hear you're feeling better and getting out of the house. You need to take care of you so you can take care of Luke ❤️
    I'd also love to hear more about his sleeping!

    Xo Jannine |


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