Wednesday, 16 May 2018

#2 Postpartum Update: 6 months.

I am 6 months postpartum,

Mentally: I am in a very good place. I 100% believe being on the verge of postpartum depression was because of the weather. It effects me a lot & being cooped inside didn't help. Once I started getting out & meeting with other moms for coffee etc my mental health went from me thinking "how am I going to get out of this.." to no depression, no anxiety. However, 5 months postpartum I had a terrible bout of health anxiety for about 2.5 weeks. It was debilitating. I only have "flare ups" once a year now of health anxiety where I drive myself coocoo and thinking I'm going to die. I hate that the brain is so powerful sometimes! It all kind of started when I lost weight past 160lbs. I was so use to being at that weight that being less scared me. I guess you could say it was a type of body dysmorphia? I am now 145lbs & currently embracing it. I eat a lot during the day because going under 145lbs would rock me a little mentally. I like being 145 & I rather gain muscle back than lose any more weight. I fit into jeans I bought 5 years ago because I said to myself I would one day wear them.. I remember specifically!

I have lots of energy & look forward to going out in the sun every day! Sometimes if it's mid day and I haven't been outside, I will just get going after Lucas's 2nd nap and we will go for a stroll so I get that fresh air & kind of like a breather. We are currently living in a basement suite and with the warmth, being crowded because we have grown out of our space it gets me stressed out pretty quickly! I am a organized person, I love everything somewhat having a place. My husband really needs his own office for all his computer stuff.. It drives me bonkers!

All in all I am doing a lot better since my last update.  You can read that here. If you read my last update you will know that I was in the middle of dealing with doctors over my tear from birth. I can thankfully say after waiting a couple of more months my body has healed its self. It just need a little more time! So I no longer need surgery to have a revision of my tear! Thank goodness! I am also still exclusively pumping & the dreaded period has returned. Although who know's if it's consistently back! My supply took a small dip but it's fine. I went from pumping every 5-6 hours now pumping every 4 hours again to just have my supply still "up there" so I can still donate some to baby Henry.

Now on to Lucas! 

Lucas: My little (Big) Lucas has been on a roll! He is now rolling from front to back, back to front. It actually happened on the day he turned 6 months! He's also started puree's. He absolutely hates textured foods and will gag until he throws up.. I've come to the conclusion that he needs to be fed in the bath tub if we try new foods and he doesn't like it.. That way it is a much easier clean up! (Totally will not happen, don't worry). At 5 months Luke got his first cold and was a champ! He ended up getting into the habit of waking up around 3-4am but thankfully it was a phase and now he is sleeping from 8pm - 8am again! HALLELUJAH. I had a small bout of remember what it was like when he was a newborn... I was barley functioning myself!
Lucas smiles, laughs, screeches, makes all sorts of silly noises and self soothes with his thumb. He's at the point of putting everything in his mouth & babbling. When you tell him "no" he smiles and thinks it's funny. Yay (sarcasm)
He weighs 23lbs & loves to stand assisted. He gets upset if he doesn't sometimes so that's an indication that he is strong enough to do so. 


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