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≫ Nursing Journey & Increasing Your Milk Supply ≪

Nursing Sweater from Bellies In Bloom Maternity located in Victoria, BC
Brand: BoobDesign

I was told constantly don't give myself high expectations when it comes to nursing because it is time consuming & can be very difficult. So many road blocks can be in the way like low milk supply, baby won't latch properly, etc. Multiple reasons why breastfeeding just doesn't work out for all women. I thankfully have been very fortunate to have a good nursing journey thus far. 4 weeks in! I've been wearing nursing shirts friendly clothing from Bellies In Bloom Maternity because they carry the cutest pieces from Boob Design! 

The sweater I am showing below is hands down my favourite because it is cozy! Thicker on top to keep the ta ta's warm & thinner on the bottom & you wouldn't even tell the difference.

I've been also repping one of Boob's thinner long sleeves with the same easy access nursing concept. All the nursing tops can also be maternity as well which is super sweet so you're really getting the bang for your buck. (see photo below)
BoobDesign uses the best fabrics. 100% organic cotton, lyocell, recycled polyamide & recycled polyester.
Boob uses sustainable materials and is participating in two research projects. One of them specifically being about microplastics. The goal is to find new and more environmentally friendly solutions for the fashion industry. Feel good about what you put on your skin & baby's skin since it is our biggest organ! I have linked here a article on the top 6 fabrics you should avoid & why. I have been very conscious about what I put on my body & what I put in it every since researching in college Fashion Marketing & Merchandising. You learn a lot more than just the business side of things!

Can I also quickly mention Boob's Once On, Never Off Leggings?!  Super soft, super cozy. The name isn't lying! The only reason I have taken these bad boys off thus far is because my son decided to piddle on my lap during a burping session & the new diapers failed us. Welcome new mums! This is going to be or is your life. Full of spit up, piddle accidents but super cute clothes.

I will be doing a post specifically for nursing style! I can't wait to share with you all!

I have been so lucky that from day one of my sons life he has an awesome latch. I was giving nursing my all & was actually given some very helpful tips from the health unit nurse! I was going to become super sore as I was leaning into baby with my breast & not baby to boob. Does that make sense? I was leaning in for him and so my back was becoming sore fast! A bunch of mums created the brest friend pillow for a reason! I was given one as a gift at my baby shower and put it to good use! 

"The My Brest Friend Original Nursing Pillow was developed in a laboratory of new moms, babies, and breastfeeding experts who set out to create a nursing pillow whose sole purpose was to answer all the needs of nursing moms and babies. 50 prototypes and a global patent later, the nursing pillow is loaded with features moms love."

  • Wrap around nursing pillow design secures to the body helping mom and baby maintain positioning and latch-on
  • Back rest helps you maintain good posture during nursing and prevents sore back and neck
  • Firm, flat cushion keeps baby from rolling when nursing
  • Adjustable, silent-release strap fits moms or dads comfortably and unlatches without waking baby
  • Arm and elbow rests eliminate shoulder stress
  • Convenient pocket keeps water bottles, burp cloths, phone, and other nursing accessories or items within reach

Nursing Lucas has become easy peasy but the constant feeding with his jaundice became painful for me so I've been using nipple cream my birthing photographer actually gifted me! It's called Bug & Pickle 

I also started to use an electric double pump while feeding Lucas because I needed to feed so often but was finding it hard to feed him every 45 mins - 1 hour for his Jaundice. I was also becoming painfully engorged when my milk supply came in so I got the Medela Freestlye. Best investment ever!
I didn't have much of a pumping schedule but would pump any time I would feed my son from the bottle. We go back & fourth between pumping & nursing. Normally at night I will have bottles on hand to make things easier and incase my husband decides to relieve me so I can get a couple hours of solid sleep.

Increasing Your Milk Supply

1. Feed, feed, feed

The number one rule for a bountiful supply of milk is demand. We are often encouraged to feed to a schedule, however, our bodies are made to create more milk as milk is removed. So offer baby the breast whenever they appear to want a feed. Remember, supply in demand.

2. Check your latch

The biggest and most common cause to a poor milk supply is an incorrect latch. Make sure that they are latching to your breast correctly. Do this by checking that baby has a wide open mouth at latch and that the nipple is aimed towards the back of their mouth.
In addition, if you are having difficulty contact your early health nurse and a lactation consultant. :)

3. Hydrate

Answer your bodies quench for thirst while breastfeeding and with each feed ensure you have a large glass or bottle of water beside you and drink as they do. Remember, breastfeeding is extremely thirsty work for all involved! You will notice yourself getting dehydrated if you do not.. You won't be hitting the washroom often, your throat will become dry & sore. Don't let that happen to you! I did the first week and it was awful.  

4. Breastfeeding supplements and herbs

For hundreds of year women have been turning to natural herbs such as brewer’s yeast, blessed thistle or fennel tea. While there is no scientific proof that these supplements work, it has been passed through the generations with some mothers firm in their belief. I personally have been using the  Mothers Milk Tea (Fennel Tea) on & off and have seen a change in my supply. I will get 3-4 oz more at night pumps.
(your body produces milk differently throughout the day)

5. Well-balanced diet

Just like a well-oiled machine, our bodies respond best and behave correctly when we fuel them. So increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables. Not so much chips & oreos... I admit chips & oreos have been my craving the past couple of weeks... hehehe. 

I hope these tips help you & please go check out Bellies In Bloom Maternity located at Royal Oak Shopping Centre 4489 Viewmont Ave #104, Victoria, BC


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